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San Juan School Board, Kids In. Politics Out.
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Meet Alex Zamansky.

I believe our kids deserve the best chance at success, and that starts with the district making the right decisions—free of politics.

During the pandemic, I saw problematic decision-making in our school district—one I grew up in. I’m running for the San Juan Unified School District to not only reverse the failures that occurred over the last couple of years, but to turn things around for our children who have been set back by remote learning and decisions made that weren’t in their best interest.

I have always wanted our district’s kids to have access to the best resources—and our teachers to have great experiences, too. I believe the way to achieve both is to make decisions at the board level that reflect the true values of our community, not those of a few politicians.

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Help Alex make OUR schools be what they should be—the best for our kids to be successful. His decisions are motivated by his slogan:


“kids in, politics out.”  

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Advocate for greater safety and security measures so our kids and teachers can come to school without fear so they can learn and thrive in the classroom.

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Bring greater transparency, visibility and communication so our students, teachers, and administrators can participate in decisions about their future.

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Fight for additional resources for our teachers and kids who have struggled socially and academically due to the pandemic.

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I believe parents should have a say in the educational process.

Transparency is key, and threading parents and teachers together will only strengthen our community. After all, when schools are thriving, everyone in the community and local economy is thriving.

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Alex is a proud husband and father of two.

His wife, Caron, is a psychologist at Shriner’s Hospital, and she owns a private practice. Nora, his second-grader, is attending Del Dayo Elementary and plays in the Carmichael All-Girls Softball league on the Tie-Dye Dragons. Reece is in his final year of pre-school at Shalom School and is a big fan of Star Wars and riding his bicycle (with training wheels). 


Alex attended Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks and graduated with a BA in History from the University of the Pacific in 2000. He has since

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worked for several large and small companies over the past 20+ years in sales and marketing capacity, and he currently works for a large dental manufacturer. Alex has been recognized as a leader amongst his professional peers in performance and is known for driving a positive culture and training new associates. 


He has an active role in the Jewish community of Sacramento—sitting on the board of the synagogue of the Mosaic Law congregation as Second VP. He is passionate about local sports teams, and he loves to travel with his family, grill, and play with his kids.

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